The Japanese Society for History of Pharmacy (JSHP)


Past and Current Presidents of JSHP

Past and Current Presidents of JSHP


First President and Founder: Dr.Yasuhiko Asahina (1954-1975)
Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo
Awarded the highest national honor, The Order of Culture



Interim President: Dr. Totaro Shimizu (1975)
Second President: Dr. Yushiro Kimura (1976-1985)

Third President: Dr. Hisashi Nogami (1986-1990)
Fourth President: Dr. Shoji Shibata (1991-2004)

Fifth President: Dr. Koji Yamakawa (2005-2012)
Sixth President: Dr. Kiichiro Tsutani (2012- 2015)

Seventh President: Dr. Yutaka Orihara (2016- )